So what is branding? And why is it so crucial to a successful business? These are the two questions that we aim to answer in this short article in order to help budding business out there hoping to be a success…

Historically branding was used as a means to identify the quality of certain goods or as a mark of guarantee in the market place. Marks and branding would appear on boxes informing of the origin of a certain product such as coffee, or wine to marking a certain craftsmen’s work.

Branding these days has evolved much more than just that mark it once was. In the competitive marketplace of today it is vital to stand out from competitors and be a radiant as possible, branding isn’t just the logo or graphic elements, it encompasses the whole customer experience, which includes your logo, website, social media strategy, the look & feel, and how the phone is answered to the care and attention of your staff and beyond…. In a nutshell, Branding is how your customers perceive you.

There is a lot to take into account when defining a brand and it can be a bit overwhelming, but it is important to consider how your customers will perceive your business as a brand. Therefore you need to think about creating a well thought out and strategic brand experience.

Out of the more common shortcomings of many small businesses and start-up’s, we feel that one of the more critical aspects undermined is that they neglect spending the necessary time thinking about their brand in this broader sense and harnessing the impact it will have on their business. To help you to get to grips with this, we have put together these ten useful pointers on crafting your brand and reminders of why it’s so important to your business.

Branding leads to Recognition

As a consumer you will know that you prefer to go with the company you are familiar with. If your branding is consistent and easy to recognise, it will help potential clients feel more at ease and familiar when choosing your products or services.

Great branding sets you apart from the competition

Any business owner will tell you; in today’s global market distinction from the crowd is key. Companies these days are no longer competing on a local stage, your company will be fighting off competition on a global economic scale. So how do you ensure your company stands out from the thousands and millions of competitors around the world? Indeed, a Great Brand!

Branding tells people about your company’s identity

Your full brand experience, from the visuals like the logo and colour scheme, down to the communication between staff and clients all tell your customer about the kind of company you are – especially in the first instances. Do your first points of entry convey the impression you would like of your brand?

Your brand motivates and directs your staff

A clear brand strategy provides the clarity and direction that your staff need in order to lead your company to success. It demonstrates to them a model of how to conduct business to meet the company’s goals.

Strong branding leads to referrals

Much of the recommendations businesses receive are through word of mouth. People love to discuss their favourite brands, from the brands they eat, wear, listen to and play. On the other hand, you can’t recommend a brand that you can’t remember. Creating a strong and recognisable brand is crucial to generating referrals and viral traffic.

A strong brand creates customer expectations

Not everyone likes surprises, and when a customer knows what they are getting, it puts them at ease. This is great for a business as if you provide a great customer experience, they know what to expect every time and will keep coming back.

Your brand represents the promise you make to your customer

You always need to remember that your brand represents your company. Your company is your brand; you are your brand; your staff are your brand; your marketing is your brand. The question is, do they say the right thing about you and the promise you have made to the customer?

Branding creates clarity and maintains focus

Without direction it is very easy to wander around between ideas without any guidance. A clear brand strategy helps you to maintain focus on the vision and mission of your organisation. Your brand can provide a strategy and will guide your marketing efforts- thus saving valuable time and money.

Your brand connects you to your client’s emotions

Great branding connects with clients at an emotional level; they feel great when they obtain the brand. Making a purchase is an emotional experience and having a strong brand helps people to feel great at an emotional level when they engage with your company. Any truly great brand will make you feel good.

Strong branding provides your business value

A strong will provide value to your company that extends beyond your company’s physical assets. Think about some of the major brands that you purchase on a regular basis, are these companies really worth all of the physical assets that the owners put in? The answer should be that they are, and even more so! Brands must create value that goes beyond their physical assets.

So, the importance of great branding is…

The best branding is built on a strong and solid idea. This needs to be an idea that you and your staff can grasp on to, commit to and most importantly can deliver. Your brand needs to flow through your organisations, it is only then that your company can deliver what the brand promises. If your brand can do this, you will see the amazing impact in terms of business success and client loyalty.

Getting a brand going from the onset can be tricky. If you are at the initial stage of building your brand and need the tough and important questions answered, as well as the experienced guidance to brand building then get in touch, we can help you identify your brand’s unique selling points and create a brand that delivers success and recognition for both you and your clients.