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Everything starts with a blank piece of paper, & coffee. We meet with the key people involved to understand all of your needs & requirements. This stage gives us valuable insight that can be applied to the whole project. This is followed by in-depth research into your industry and target audience to understand what they are looking for and how best to sell to them. This in turn helps us to better define overall strategy.

Our extensive research and planning helps us understand the people you want to connect to. Adopting a user focused approach helps make people comfortable, happy and inspired leaving you with a deeper connection to your audience.

Defining and Planning

This stage maps out everything from branding concepts to marketing. The plan brings together all of the elements - creative, technical, content, marketing- and defines how & when they will be delivered. Our accurate technical scopes help ensure we produce what you need on time and according to your budget.

Outlining the scope maps out everything we'll do for your business. It gives you a clear picture of what will be done along with an idea of timelines. This in turn helps to keep the project focused on what really matters – achieving your objectives and delivering returns.

Designing & Developing

Design commences prior to development. Brushes, pencils & blades meet paper and fingertips begin to meet technology. A strong start really comes in handy when identities are crafted ensuring your brand stands out beyond that of your competitors in the marketplace.

Content and photography are by no means undermined in this part. The audiences you seek are no different from us, and if we don’t find something engaging, neither will they. We ensure the content that we craft is engaging and focused on delivering the quality one would appreciate. Adding the human element helps add depth to your brand as well as context.


With the growing number of different devices, browsers and design formats these days, it’s more important than ever to make sure your site is rigorously tested & quality-assured as well as future-proofed. We test across the platforms to ensure its all good. We also connect relevant networks to your website enabling you to connect and grow with a genuine and relevant following.

Discovering analytics tools will help you to identify the metrics that matter to your business. You will be analysing data to segment and target customers. Identifying and tracking key metrics will enable you to fine-tune the difference between your ‘customers’ and your ‘key audience’.

Marketing & Campaigns

Almost all online experiences (93% of them) begin with a search engine. We identify the platforms relevant to your audience, set them up, and get going with your customers so that they can learn what they need to know in order to make that crucial purchase. Our search marketing team build paid search campaigns on a variety of engines capable of targeting audiences globally with a clear objective in mind; a strong return on investment, in the most cost effective way.

There are a variety of marketing channels both on & offline that could add meaningful value for your audience. Whether it is in the form of engaging video content with podcasts or high impact print related campaigns, we have the skillset to plan and execute successful strategies.

We work hard on all of our projects, and we cherish long-lasting relationships with clients. By understanding how we work, working with us is not only more enjoyable but it enables you to benefit most from a solution tailored for your business’s needs. There are five important stages to what we do and how we do it.